Why Zenith

Why to choose
Zenith Accommodation Estate Agency!

Experienced staff members who are willing to help find a home best suited to you
We are available on the phone, email and off course our office.
Numerous properties on the market and ready to be bought now with zenith
Step by step guidance and consultation available

10 Reasons to choose Zenith Accomodation

1.  No Tenant Finding fees
2.  Free Rental Valuation
3.  Rent payment within three grace days from due date
4.  Property will be offered to tenants who meet the Landlord’s criteria
5.  No Void Periods
6.  Gas safety certificate fee – £50
7.  No Eviction costs (except court charges)
8.  On behalf of Landlord we forward new tenant information to council and utility companies
9.  Transparent billing system for any maintenance work
10.  Everything Managed on Your Behalf by our professional team
*Terms and conditions apply*


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